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The Reintroduction...

The Reintroduction...

  • Ashley Coleman
  • Sep, 05 , 21

Boujee Hippie is growing. What started as a small idea between friends has transformed into an entrepreneurial anomaly founded by Black women and its success proves that Black women create magic. 

We live in an ever-changing world full of stress and negativity. Boujee Hippie was the manifestation of a desire to want to provide relief from those things for women of color. We started out sharing our personal routines of spiritual and mental cleansing. We wanted to introduce sage and crystals to women who needed symbols of peace and balance. We quickly learned that restoring peace was about more than establishing those rituals that represent solace for us, but about being totally empowered in your feminine health. Our little plan was quickly overshadowed by the Universe’s larger design for our business and our lives. 

So, babes we began dreaming bigger. We identified spaces where Black women didn’t exist like the health and fitness lane, the shapewear industry, and the reproductive care markets. Our new goal is to provide self-care for Black women in all areas we have been neglected by mainstream companies. We created a total body detox. We launched a sensual and shape reforming shapewear line that contours your problem areas and increases confidence. We developed a natural Apple Cider Vinegar supplement that gives you energy to tackle life at your best. We’ve even developed a Period Panty that makes that time of the month easier for women of color who are known to suffer from longer and heavier periods. In a nutshell, we are taking up space and building tables that make our Boujee Babes better. As we expand from the spiritual and humble beginning that formed our company to a total mind, body, soul, company that services your needs as Black women, we thank you for growing with us. Life is about evolution and we are blooming into our best selves, as businesswomen, mothers, and sisters. Boujee Babes you are our village! We hope our new product lines inspire you to bloom with us. 

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