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Hey Babes! We're all on a GET FINE mission but let's admit it, it's easier to fall victim to poor eating habits. Why? Because eating clean is expensive! It's like hella expensive! Who knew avocado and fancy stuff like quinoa cost so much? It's easy to walk into the grocery store and let the high prices send us straight back to those fast food joints where we can get that good ol' 4 for 4. We hear your frustration Boujee Babes and we are so pleased to say we've got something to help trim your waistlines without trimming too many coins from your pocketbooks. Ladies, we introduce you to our Boujee Babes on a Budget Meal Plan. 

With the bottom line in mind, you can now eat clean without going broke! There are. no weekly $400 grocery bills on this plan. We've partnered with an expert nutritionist to offer you fast, convenient, and affordable eating that is HEALTHY! You heard us right. CHEAP, HEALTHY, FIRE ASS OPTIONS that will help you reach those Boujee Bawdy goals. 

With 21 Meals we offer weekly prep ideas that will keep your weekly grocery spend under $100 and the best part is the recipes are family friendly so no more prepping your meals and then fighting exhaustion to cook a separate meal for your loved ones. This meal plan is designed to be budget-friendly while still being boujee enough to please even the pickiest eaters. 

This downloadable plan pairs well with our Trimdown Transformation Kit. 

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